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Everest Infrastructure Partners Launches European Platform with the Acquisition of Blue Sites Telco Portugal

June 12, 2023

Everest Infrastructure Partners is pleased to announce the acquisition of Blue Sites Telco based in Lisbon, Portugal. Blue Sites Telco was formed in 2017 and has grown to be the largest communications tower lease aggregation platform of its kind in Portugal.

“We are excited to enter Europe in partnership with funds committed by Peppertree Capital Management,” said Mike Mackey, President of Everest.  “The Portuguese market for communications infrastructure will continue its stable and healthy growth over the next decade as 5G deployments and densification in urban and suburban clusters continue to occur.   The acquisition of the Blue Sites platform and its country-wide portfolio of assets is a testament of Everest’s continued disciplined capital allocation strategy to pursue growth and high-quality cash flow in markets with stable currency and rule of law.”

“We are also pleased to announce that Flavio Siqueira will lead the company as President of Europe for Everest” added Matt Newton, CEO of Everest.  “We have known Flavio as a skilled leader in this industry with over 20 years of international executive leadership in the wireless infrastructure industry having started operations in multiple geographies and performed transactions in more than 20 countries. With a growing pipeline of international expansion opportunities under evaluation by Everest, partnering with Flavio presents an incredible opportunity to capture additional growth for our digital infrastructure platform.”

“I’m very excited to join Everest’s expansion into Portugal with the acquisition of Blue Sites and addition of their experienced team while all major carriers are actively deploying 5G, densifying and expanding coverage in the market,” said Siqueira.  “As a buyer and partner of choice, Everest will present itself as an alternative to the ongoing critical network investment of all mobile operators in the market, currently consolidated and controlled mostly by two infrastructure players.  Retaining Blue Sites leadership team and their market expertise present seamless integration and operational continuity that will be combined with Everest’s innovative business model and management team that has enabled substantial value creation as a tower owner and operator for many years in the U.S., and more recently with platform launches in Australia and New Zealand.”

With $1.5 billion in capital raised, Everest Infrastructure Partners, one of the fastest growing tower companies in the world, enters its 4th international market.  “5G networks are enabling incredible innovation and mobile application availability for wireless users throughout the world.  Now that we are seeing the evolution of wearable technologies and beginning of AI, both poised to be part of our day-to-day life, the ultra-high-speed and low-latency connectivity enabled by 5G mobility will require substantial amounts of global investment capital.  Everest will continue to be a leader on the infrastructure side of this marketplace for many years to come and we are very pleased to announce this European expansion,” said Mackey.

Everest was advised by Cuatrecasas and BDO.


About Everest Infrastructure Partners

Wireless connectivity is rapidly changing the world. Utilizing a data-driven approach, Everest has developed one of the largest and most efficient aggregation platforms focused exclusively on Wireless Infrastructure assets. We are a creative and entrepreneurial team, with a culture of high performance, agility, and commitment.  Our Vision is to become the global partner of choice for wireless infrastructure assets.  To achieve this vision, we embrace technology evolution to deliver exceptional value to our network provider customers, their wireless communications users, and all participants in the growth of mobile infrastructure networks. Owning or marketing more than 2,500 communications tower sites in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Portugal, Everest has raised capital commitments of more than $1.5 billion since its inception in 2015, making it one of the wireless industry’s fastest growing and largest private tower companies.

More information about Everest can be found at http://everestinfrastructure.com

 About Peppertree Capital Management, Inc.

Peppertree Capital Management, Inc. is a private equity firm focused on making investments in growing communication infrastructure companies, both in the United States and internationally.  Areas of interest include towers, fiber, DAS, spectrum, small cells and real estate related to its areas of focus.  Peppertree was formed in 2004 and is currently investing out of its ninth equity fund and an evergreen debt fund.  Peppertree has more than $4.75 billion under management and has made more than 140 investments in communication infrastructure companies in 12 countries.

More information about Peppertree can be found at https://peppertreecapital.com